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Binoy Karamen is a Film Maker, Designer, and Entrepreneur. His career path unfolded itself once he had identified his creative passion, which was quite early on.


It was the infinite world of sounds that first drew him in. The expanse of music and soundtracks began opening portals he hadn’t considered earlier. But slowly, from experimenting with still photography and chiaroscuro to making small videos, he had ventured into the visual realm. Films being the skillful blend of audio and visual, Karamen’s progress into filmmaking was inevitable.


One cannot make a film without creativity, and a talented filmmaker invests in each and every aspect of filmmaking. Beyond artistic talent, filmmaking from start to finish needs vision, and as a filmmaker, Karamen taught himself to watch and observe everything from different perspectives. As he travelled and explored, the world became his kaleidoscope. Life danced around him in lights, colours, and patterns. Karamen thus naturally adapted to the role of a Creative Designer, because even for a film, the designer is its sculptor.


As an entrepreneur, Karamen's creative outlook and skills found new dimensions. Like a mirror, his brands reflect all that he absorbed in his creative journey. One can see his ingenuity, gift for lateral thinking, and conscious effort to give back and make a difference in the world in each of his brands.


Karamen's brands operate on the philosophy that 'life is all about perspective'. It is not just how you look at things but what you are looking at and from where also matters. His convergent and divergent thinking, zest for filmmaking, passion for designing, and his entrepreneurial skills revolve around finding the right perspective.

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