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Malayalam film ‘Blindfold’ becomes world's  first audio cinema with no visuals

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No Visuals, Only Audio. A project Never heard of and Never tried. Featured in 65 national media so far and many more to go.


“The beauty of a world that is blinded by light is what I wish to portray in my work. My aim with the movie is to inspire the audience’s imagination with sound design, music, and dialogue and help them navigate the world with sounds. I hope Blindfold will push to improve your focus on your surroundings and understand the importance of inner voices more than our sights”,


The movie uses superior audio technology to capture and recreate a panoramic sound experience for the audience. The movie will be presented in Dolby Atmos, giving audiences the best surround sound experience, and putting them in the middle of the action.

Meet the team


Shyjal Shameem Ahmed

Executive Producer


Shyjal is an ingenious and a film critic, who always strives to keep himself updated about the film industry. He has experience in production in the Malayalam industry. He is a visionary, and an entrepreneur too. His way of carrying a project to each of its stages is admirable. His core vision is to take Indian Cinema to the global level.


Binoy Karamen



Binoy Karamen is a Filmmaker & Creative Designer. His career path unfolded itself once he had identified his creative passion, which was quite early on. One cannot make a film without creativity, and a talented filmmaker invests in each and every aspect of filmmaking. 

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Ajil Kurian 

Sound Designer


Ajil Kurian, who had worked with renowned Indian music directors, in the capacity of Sound engineer, groomed from Noise Head Quarters (NHQ), Kochi. He is a talented sound designer and did a major role in Blindfold. He created the sound effects by field recording the sounds and processed them to communicate the audience.

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Steev Benjamin

Music Director


He is immensely passionate about music and started producing music at a very young age. He is fortunate to work for a lot of national and International creative projects as an independent Music producer  and cinematographer.

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